Code to Text ratio is probably one of those widely believed SEO principles that got outdated with the improvements in search engine algorithms. These days we have lot of content on our sites that even if it was we couldn’t follow any code-to-text rules. However sometimes when you have manageable content and are particular about the site usability, then its worth checking the code-text ratio along with the page load time and coding errors etc.

For the obsessed, here are five great tools that will help you check the code-text ratio of your pages.

1. RankQuest Code – Text Ratio Calculator tool



2. Lee Johnsons’s Code to Text ratio Checker tool


3. DevSEO’s Code to Text Analysis tool



4. Collins Code – Text ratio Tool


5. SEO Chat Code – Text Analyzer


Bonus Tools

1. Textalyzer – A great tool that analyzes text, finds the keyword density, word count etc.


2. Readability Index calculator – An awesome tool that calculates the readability – Index of a particular snippet of text.


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firefox-addon-searchstatusSearchStatus is a toolbar extension for Firefox and Mozilla that allows you to see how any and every website in the world is performing. Designed for the highly specialised needs of search engine marketers, this toolbar provides extensive search-related information about a site, all conveniently displayed in one discreet and compact toolbar.

For every site you visit using, SearchStatus lets you view its Google PageRank, Google Category, Alexa popularity ranking,  Alexa incoming links, Alexa related links and backward links from Google, Yahoo! and MSN. This combined search-related information means you can view not only the link importance of a site (according to Google), but also its traffic importance (according to Alexa), so providing a balanced view of site efficacy.

The SearchStatus Mozilla/Mozilla Firefox extension appears unobtrusively at the bottom of the browser on the status bar. If you choose to view backward links for a particular page, they open in new tabs in the same browser window. Disable the automatic Google and Alexa queries and they fold away from view

You need to be running a Mozilla or Mozilla Firefox browser to install this. If you are, just click on the link and it should install automatically. Then restart your browser, and see SearchStatus in the bottom right corner.

Technical Notes
SearchStatus has been tested from Firefox 0.9 to 3.0 as well as Mozilla 1.7.3. Queries made to Google, Alexa and Compete are cached to minimise network traffic. Alexa queries made do affect Alexa statistics. Compete queries made do affect Compete statistics. Please post any comments, bugs and other feedback in the form below.

Download SearchStatus 1.30

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Firefox Add on Seo Quake for webmasters

Seoquake is a powerful tool for Mozilla Firefox as well as for for Internet Explorer, aimed at helping web masters who deal with search engine optimization and internet promotion of web sites. Seoquake is really helpful for webmasters,SEO researchers and link traders.

SeoQuake provides a bunch of tools and reports.Here is a summary of the stats of a website shown :-

SeoQuake Features

It also provides detailed knowledge on it when clicked.You can find the age of a website,in coming links,alexa ranking,google page rank,who is information,outgoing links,internal links and much more.There is also an option to switch to the advance version which also allows viewing of Domain IP,last cached by google,robots.txt and much more.

Spying On Your Competitor

  • You don’t even need to browse a website to know more about it, SEO quake displays all the relevant information in SERP (Search Engine Queries)
  • When you search for specific keywords in Goggle or any other search engine SEO Quake provides PPC keywords for all the advertisements that appear in the search results
  • With the help of Adsense and analytics id it also shows number of sites owned by your competitor.

In short, SEO Quake is free and powerful Add-on! You must use it to understand more about the competition in your niche.

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The list of Firefox addons never burn out. The more you have the better. Given along with is their descriptions and uses so that you don’t have to install them just because they are available.

1. Web Developer Toolbar


If you’re a web master, you most probably would be using this already. Its the most popular one for webmasters. Web Developer toolbar has all the tools that a designer would require to test the design and layout of a webpage. It analyzes styles, enables you to view the site without images, shows the layout format, outlines tables / forms etc, validates the code and a lot more.

2. SEO for FireFox

This tool comes from Aaron Wall’s SEO Book stable. A one click solution for finding all the SEO data about websites, this comes in handy while creating reports or just when you’re digging information about websites. Use it optimally, and its the best one out there.


3. User Agent Switcher

It lets you switch / view the current page as in a different browser (IE, Opera, NetScape). Comes in handy when you want to check for Cross Browser Compatibility issues. Very effective tool.


4. Google Search Enhancer

This addon enhances your Google search by giving you more options like search by date (past 24 hours, by week, by month etc), filter by language, search for any file (mp3, doc etc). Pretty effective if you want to save time filtering through results manually.


5. Search Status

There’s a lot of data to be dugg and we never have enough time. This addon helps you save time by digging all the SEO metric data in a few clicks.


6. Google Global Search Plugin

This addon, helps you search Google using the different country specific domains for a single search term. Its technically supposed to be excellent, but fails to work some time, but quite handy and easy to work with, especially when you have lot of keywords to search for and lot of SERPs data to collect.


7. K Gen – Keyword Research Firefox plugin

An excellent plugin, it searches for used keywords on a particular page and shows the keyword density count for each keyword used on the page on a sidebar. Very useful when analyzing pages for on-site SEO metrics.


8. yExplore - Yahoo Site Explorer

For the Yahoo fans, this one makes checking the Yahoo Site Explorer results quick and easy.


9. FireShot Screen capture

Bloggers should always be ready for a screen grab, and Fireshot takes screengrabbing to another level with more functions that helps bloggers. Like adding text, pointers, highlighting etc, you just need to upload the image to your blog, it takes care of all the basic image editing functions.


10. ColorZilla – Pick Color from webpage elements

This is a cute powerful addon (hugely popular as well) that will help you pick the HTML color code by just pointing at any element on the browser. Used while tweaking the colors of my AdSense ads and matching them with the theme colors.


11. Google Preview

Another Google enhancement addon, this one adds a thumbnail preview of the website right in your SERPs, so that you can recognize the site if you’ve recently visited or you can avoid sites that you know of low trust value.


12. Alexa Sparky Traffic Details

This addon is again a popular one, it shows the alexa rank /traffic details of the current website on the browser. Very good for quick references. You can see the graph and make out the site’s general popularity.


13. Search Cloudlet

Another nifty addon that will help you find similar or related topics to the current search on Google. Useful when you’re researching on keywords.


14. Show IP

Very handy addon. It reveals the IP address of the current page at the status bar and does a lot more with it like IP tracking, Who is lookup etc on right click.


15. Domain Details

Another nifty addon that helps you find everything about a domain. The IP, other sites hosted on the IP, Server type, the country where its hosted (shows by the country flag) and a whole lot. I use it very often and comes in handy when investigating on site health and other SEO metrics.


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Google Dance Tools:- The name "Google Dance" has often been used to describe the index update of the Google search engine. Google's index update occurred on average once per month. During an index update there was significant movement in search results and Google showed new backward links for pages. Our
Google Dance SEO Tool
will show you these updates and compare all datacenters of google like www1, www2 or www3.

Social Bookmark Submission Tool :- Submitshop Free Social Bookmark Submission Tool simple and easy-to-use, submits automatic in Social Bookmarking Websites.

Search Engine Position Checker :- Submitshop search position checker tool help the webmasters for search engine position checking.

Google Page Rank Checker :- Submitshop Google Page Rank Checker simple and easy-to-use, finds the Google Page Rank for any URL by calculating the checksum and requesting the PR from Google's servers.

Metatag Analyzer :- Submitshop Meta Tag analysis tool to help webmasters analyze their web pages. This script analyze not only the Meta Tags but try to use the same spider technology as the spiders them self.

Free Auto Submitter :- Free auto submission tool can register your website URL with 20 search engines and directories, all for free. Fastest way to submit your sites to the search engines. Hit the TOP search engines in SECONDS. Simply enter your url and email address and this tool will submits you to the top search engines automatically.

Link Popularity Checker:- Tool checks the number of hyperlinks pointed to your website from another sites. The search engines have decided that if many sites are linking to your site, that site must be a better than the others and deserves a boost in high keyword ranking. To check your web site link popularity you have to just fill website url and email address.

URL Checker :- This tool checks your URL listing with search engines after you submit url to search engines. So how do you check to see if your webpages are registered and listed with a search engine? By this tool, you can check your web page listings on AltaVista, Infoseek, HotBot, Excite, Lycos, WebCrawler, Northernlight and Yahoo etc.

Meta Search Engine tool:- Submitshop's Meta Search Engine tool provides the facility to check your search keyword on multiple search engines from one platform. By this tool you have to just enter your search keyword and select the search engine to see the result.

Link Checker:- Submitshop Link Checker is the fastest, most comprehensive and most detailed link checking tool for webmasters. Link Checker is an essential utility for every webmaster who wishing to check internal and external links within their Internet site. Free check the validity of your links, all good and dead link on any Web Page on the net.

Meta-Tags Generator:- Meta-Tags Generator helps you add Meta-Tags to your site. Meta Tags are very important for your website's visibility. Many search engines read them from your site when you submit it to them. To generate the Meta-Tag code for your site, Just use this webmaster tool and Get Meta Tags absolutely free for your site submit.

Dmoz Listing Checker:- Submitshop Dmoz Listing Checker allows you to quickly find out if your website listed in the DMOZ directory, (also known as the Open Directory Project, or ODP).

Free IP Checker:- Are you a webmaster? Easily post your IP on your website. Submitshop IP checker is free webmaster tool which you can use for your website with easy code.

Yahoo Rank Checker :- Submitshop Yahoo Rank Checker simple and easy-to-use, finds the Yahoo Keyword Rank for any URL by calculating the checksum and requesting the Rank from Yahoo's servers.
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Google PageRank Prediction
This predictor tool does what it says, it predicts your future Google PageRank.

PageRank Checker
Check a website's Google PageRank on major Google datacenters instantly

Multi-Rank Checker
This tool supplies the same results as the Rank Checker tool, these are the PageRank and Alexa Rating. You can use this tool for multiple domain check-ups.

Website Speed Test
Find out how fast your website loads. Too slow? Perhaps you need to optimize the page or move to a faster server

Rank Checker
Use this online tool to see the ranking of a specific website. Find out how popular a website is to users and search engines.

Link Popularity
Find how many links a domain has on the most common search engines.

Reverse IP/Look-up
This tool searches for domain names hosted on your IP address. Just enter a domain or an IP address to get a list of domain names that share the same IP address.

Search Engine Position
Check your search engine positions on Google Search Engine.

Ping Test
Ping test tool is used to test the presence of an active connection.
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HTML Protector is a tool that helps you protect the content of your web page by preventing others from viewing your source code. Additionally, it will stop spam robots from extracting email addresses from your pages as well as prevent people from using automated downloader's to download your entire web site to their hard drive. HTML Protector offers three JavaScript based encryption methods to choose from and a variety of other features like right click disable, printing disable, password protect your pages, insert copyright information and more!

HTML Protector will meet all your web page protection needs -- compared to similar products currently available, HTML Protector contains features that you will find far superior.

  • Would not like to have a web page that took you a week to design to be "stolen" in one minute?
  • Would not like to have your e-mail box full of all sorts of unsolicited spam emails everyday?
  • Would not like to have someone copy your entire website to their local hard disk?

Key Benefits:

  • Protect Everything on Your Web Page

    With HTML Protector, you can protect everything on your web page, including HTML source code, JavaScript code, VBScript code, text, links and graphics. After successfully protecting your website, people will not be able to view or edit your source code, as well as JavaScript/VBScript. Your text cannot be copied to clipboard, your link addresses will not be displayed in the status bar of the browser, and your graphics will not be able to be saved by using the "Save image..." function provided by web browsers.

    In short, your web page can get complete protection from HTML Protector.

  • Prevent Others from Making Unauthorized Copies of Your Web Pages

    While users will still be able to view your web pages and save it to their local disk, the pages are encrypted by HTML Protector so that the user will not be able to understand its source code, which will prevent them from using the code on their own pages.

  • Make Your Pages Ineligible to Web Filters

    Lately, more and more companies, government organizations and universities have started to implement content filters to deny access to websites that contain certain words. If your website is affected by these filters, your website will not be available to all users. Luckily, if you implement HTML Protector on your site, these filters will be unable to scan your source code. Your webpage will be available to everyone.

  • Prevent Automated E-mail Grabbers from Obtaining Addresses on Your Website

    Some software packages are designed to scan all the pages on a website and extract all the e-mail addresses from it - this is called an e-mail grabber. With this information, spammers are able to get a large number of valid e-mail addresses from any page that is not protected, and these addresses will eventually end up in the hands of a spammer. 

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